50 Years of Tradition

Continuing the Ostini family tradition, chef Bobby Ostini brings Santa Maria-style red oak barbecue to the Union Hotel in Los Alamos, California.

Location & Hours


362 Bell St
Los Alamos, CA


Thurs through Sat: 5pm to 10pm
(closed Sun through Wed)


Make a reservation by calling
(805) 344-2744

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(805) 344-2744

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About Us

Chef Bobby Ostini is best known for his uncompromising dedication to delicious, top quality food. Bobby has partnered with the owners of the Historic Union Hotel to bring you his first signature restaurant, Ostinis Red Oak of Los Alamos, CA.

Located inside the Union Hotel, the restaurant serves dinner cooked to tender perfection by Bobby himself. The steaks are seasoned perfectly and grilled out back over oak. Whether you decide on the fillet, the chicken, the pork chops, the ribs or the halibut, you won’t be disappointed. If you want to really spoil yourself, put in an order for a grilled artichoke or one of the several homemade desserts.

For twenty-five years, Bobby was the head chef at the famous Hitching Post steakhouse in Casmalia, CA. Now he brings his talent for fresh, Santa-Maria Style Barbeque, to Los Alamos.